Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Lazy Day

This little beauty has been taunting me for a whole week. All I wanted all week was to take a good picture of him and his pretty little mate! He will come and sing in the tree that is right outside my scrapbook room and once I get up and grab my camera he flies off. It doesn't matter how quiet I am, once he sees my camera he is gone. His mate on the other hand loves having her picture taken. I can almost walk right up on the tree and she doesn't mind! I think he finally gave in and let himself be photographed by me! Hehe! I want closer photos of him though, I had to crop the one I posted. He is beautiful isn't he?!

The dogs and I went out for a long walk again today, but this time I didn't let them stay too long off the leashes and I kept my eyes open for any hawks!!! Lol! My allergies were so bad that when I came home my face was puffy, my nose still hurts and I have a slight sinus headache. I hope I won't get seasonal asthma like I did when I was in Germany, I had to carry an inhaler with me. Before I started stalking the cardinal this evening, I was here in my scraproom making some cute chick cards. I'll post pictures of those later. I'm getting hungry so I will see you all later!

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