Thursday, April 10, 2008

I have no pictures to post today, but I just wanted to update since its been a few days! Sunday was a nice day after having nothing but bad riding weather all week! We finally took our first trip on the motorcycle and it was AWESOME! We loved it! We set our gps to take us up north to a spot we picked out. We were supposed to ride up to York National Park on the border of North Carolina, but it kept getting colder and we still don't have the right gear for colder weather, but we just wanted to get out and ride, the destination didn't matter. We rode about 2 hundred miles. We left our house at around noon or so and got back a few hours later, just in time to hit up a coworkers BBQ. It was supposed to be a yard work and BBQ, but we wanted to miss the yard work part! LOL! Too bad we didn't, they were still working a little when we got there, so Chris helped out a little and I made new friends with the neighborhood wives! I met one Scrapbooker! YES! LOL! And I got to tour all four new acqaintences houses! They are pretty big and now I want one! LOL! So the new lady I met, her name is Melissa and she was so excited when I told her that I scrapbooked, because she did too and immediately had to take me to see her room. She has already set up a scrapdate and a stampin' up person might be there too! Yay!
Chris got a membership form yesterday from a guy here on post who is in a GoldWing riding club! We are going to join! I can't wait! Having a motorcycle is like being part of a little society, every rider we passed on the rode waved or gave us a little honk, it was cool! haha! Well that is all the rambling I can muster right now! Bye.

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