Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Weather Woes

This is what Chris and I woke up to today! The fog is really thick and kind of hard to drive in! I just wanted to get a few shots before I went off to work and Chris wanted a picture of this pretty tree with white leaves because he thought it looked neat in the fog. Its actually pretty cool outside, the temp in my car said it was around 61 degrees, it also feels a little humid. This kind of weather is great for my little flowers I planted two weeks ago. They barely have begun to sprout! Its kind of exciting to see! I'll have to get progressive pictures of there growth.....I guess its the dorky scrapbooker in me to want to do that! Well, I have to get to work!
P.S. For some reason the dogs are fascinated with that drain. I guess its because whenever they chase a cat, the cat runs to the opening of this drain a few yards away and its basically a tunnel that cats run around in.

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