Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're Back...

...from our two week motorcycle trip of the Northeastern part of the U.S. I wish we could have had more time and money to spend out on the open road....I had an amazing time! I posted a few of my favorite pics here!

It was a beautiful day, with breathtaking scenery!
Chris and I on the cruiser....he actually popped a little wheelie on this fatty! (its a 700lb bike!)
A gorgeous view on the Blue Ridge Parkway!
Me cooling off in a fountain...I love this pic! I wish I could have swam in this fountain! LOL!
A cool pic of the state capitol building! Sadly we didnt get to see the White time!

The Gangs All Here!

L to R: Sam, Lorita, Ross, Cigi, Mike (dad), DeEsta (Mom), ME!, Chris

Welcome to amish country!
Neat covered bridge in PA.

We got to see 2 U.S. Battleships on our trip....this is the USS Wisconsin. It is in Norfolk, VA

Showing my biker some love! We paid to go into the tunnels behind Niagara Falls......we got really wet!
A stop on the Blue Ridge rained, but it was awesome!

Myrtle Beach, SC. The water is so warm here! I loved it!
Chris and I at Niagara Falls.
Yet another stop on the BRP.
Awesome pic! Love the Fog!


I was so excited to see wild the wild.....that I forgot to focus my camera! Duh!!!
An young amish man....with really bushy hair!
There was nothing but blue skies and corn fields in amish country.

A stop on the Tail of The Dragon! It was 318 curves in 11 miles. It was fun!
Me trying to be arty fartsy with my cam.
I was in awe the whole trip through the Great Smokey Mountains!

Our mini biker gang! LOL!
A teeny tiny baby fawn my father in law almost stepped on because it was laying in the tall grass!

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