Sunday, August 03, 2008

I loooooove....

....birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions! Really, any excuse to do something nice where I can flex my need to create is what I crave! So really when I do something nice for you.....its really for me! LOL! I love homemade gifts!
Today is my friend Sandy's Birthday!!! I made her colorful cupcakes and a scrappy lil' gift basket. Her main present is a beautiful framed picture of her favorite flower called, Black Eyed Susans. I already wrapped it, not thinking to take a picture of it. It's so pretty, and of course, yours truly, took the picture which makes it even more great! Sorry, Im really proud of the way it came out!!! I'll post it later for you all to see!
Sorry the lighting is so poor in the pictures, Our house is a cave! LOL! I peek out the curtain to look outside and my vampire husband complains that its too bright!!! Lol!
For the gift basket, I hit up Michaels and Targets cute dollar sections. I also handmade my friend cute little cards with envelopes that say hello and wrapped a ribbon around them....I loved it! In the brown bag is where the flower picture is. I hope she really likes everything!

And of course, here is my Reyn-bow....a new nickname! I'm sick I know!!! Lol! lately, I have been giving my dogs these rawhide bones that look like taquitos to keep them from shredding paper that I leave laying around. For some reason, Reyna always wants the one that Guero chews on. Here you can see her intense gaze on Guero's bone. She is patiently waiting for him to step away from it so she can snatch it up!

Since Guero always wants what Reyna has as well, she has devised a plan....she plays with her squeeky duck....tossing, biting, and growling at it until Guero notices and once he comes to try to get it away from her....she drops it.....and snatches up his bone! It works like a charm!!! LOL!


This photo is proof at why my dogs are so disturbed!!! LOL! Reyna's eyes are priceless! Chris is such a goof! I love them all to pieces!

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