Monday, October 27, 2008


A few days ago, I was sitting here at my computer checking email and my fave blogs when I notice that my dog, G hasn't stopped in to beg for a spot on my lap. I see him out of the corner of my eye, crossing the hallway
so I call him and he walks over kind of hesistantly. I turn and lean down to pet him and my eyes got so wide! His face was covered in black ink! At first, I didn't know what the heck it was as I swiped two fingers across the side of his face. So I go looking for whatever it was. I check the spare bedroom for anything out of place. Nothing. I walk to the washroom and right in front of the door is smears of black ink! I frrrrrreaked out! Ran downstairs and grabbed the resolve and paper towels and prayed on the way up that whatever was on the carpet would come out! I tried not to smear the ink any further as I tried to pick up the excess. I sprayed down the spot and wiped it up as best I could. I sprayed some more and let it sit. I finally found the bottle with the top chewed up and threw it away. The blanket was soaked in ink and it seeped through to the floor. It came up easily, but the few spurts that got on the wall did not. A few seconds later, I realized that my dog most likely has eaten some of the ink and I commence to frrrrrreak out again. To make an already long story short, dogs fine, carpet...ehhhh.
You know how dogs can give you those puppy eyes no matter what age they are?

It's a defense mechanism genetically ingrained in their dna so when they chew open a bottle of india ink and get it all over the carpet of the house you're renting they get a "bad dog" and their picture taken!


Bad cute dog! Bad!

Thank you to the #1 carpet stain remover, RESOLVE, for removing everything from ink to dirty motor oil!

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Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Oh, My, Gosh!!! To Freakin' FUNNY, Raquel!!! I know Exactly what that "look" means and looks like! My chi chi, Ginger, does the same thing! Only she does it also when the Other dogs do something. It's her way of telling on them. ROTFLMAO!!! These pictures are priceless!

ivypink said...

awe you can't get mad at those puppy dog eyes my cat dug his nails (multiple times) in to both of my crocs
But you can blame email I left It out in the open