Thursday, December 04, 2008

Because I said I would help....

I told my lil brother I would help him out with something. He is having such a hard time trying to find a job in Tucson, Az. Seems like he's literally looked everywhere and nobody is hiring! He's even applied for a janitorial postion and was turned down! They said he was over-qualified! Honestly, he is pretty desperate. He is trying to keep his apartment, which I am helping him out with, but there's only so much I can help him out with financially. So, I guess in the mean time he's teamed up with a nice lady who has her own little internet store and she's letting him have a cut of the sales if somebody buys something out of the store and uses this code in the coupon box at checkout:


Basically, he is advertising for her and I said I would post the link on my blog.

The store is called KARINA'S Galleria

Here's the link

She sells all a good variety of items! If all of you would be so kind as to just humor me and go take a look I would be so thankful! You might see something you like! If you do, don't forget to use this code at checkout!


Also, if you'd like, and this would be awesome if you could.....can you post a link to my blog or post the website link to your blog with a little background info on why you posted the link there?

I realize, it seems a little weird, but I would do anything for my lil brother, so I really appreciate any little peeks at that site! And if you see anything you like and buy, well than I just won't be able to thank you enough!

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