Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I can't wait til December 13th to put this on my ears.............
And slip this chuncky bracelet on my wrist and strap these black beauties on my feet!


You'll have to wait to see my dress!

December 13, 2008 is the M.A.C.H Holiday Ball! (MACH stands for Moncrief Army Community know the Army and its acronyms for everything!)

It was a day I had been dreading since being coaxed into going! But my attittude has completely changed since yesterday after finding the dress I will wear! I loathe shopping for clothes for myself. I just don't like to do it! But a friend and I teamed up and hit the mall. We stopped at Burlington Coat Factory after hearing that one of Chris' co-workers found a dress over there for 60 bucks. So we went to check it out. There was nothing, except for one rack of scraggly looking dresses with great prices! I tried on two that were thirty bucks. One didn't fit and the other one was on the list in case I couldn't find anything else I liked. Next stop was Sears! Sears had such a great selection of gowns! I seriously took like 8 or 9 dresses that I liked to the dressing room with me! They all looked decent and some were really cute, but the dress I chose is comfortable, elegant, and sexy! I love it! I found my whole ensemble there, the dress, shoes, and the jewelry! We came home very happy ladies! It was the best shopping experience ever! Lol!

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Bree said...

begiaoo I'm dieng to see it now..

I wish I had some where formal to go... (turning green)

I am sure you are going to look DIVINE!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Love what I see so far! I bet the dress is super great! Look forward to some great pics of the special occasion! I tagged you on my blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful shopping experience. I hate shopping too. Never really find what I'm looking for.

ivypink said...

oooh I can't wait to see your dress ;)