Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My sweetheart is back!

I missed her so much! My friend D and Jayelle finally came home from their long holiday vacation! We got together today and did a little shopping! Since we only have one car now, Chris and I drove to Ft. Jackson together early this morning and he dropped me off at D's on post. It was so early and no stores would be open so I ended up falling asleep on her couch after she asked me if she could sleep for a little longer. We woke up again at nine and got Jay ready for her doctor's appointment. Poor baby had to go and get another shot! It took forever to get out of there! We ended up having lunch at a mexican restaurant and then we went to Target! I'm going to miss them so very much when we leave!

The picture is kind of dark, but Jay has the most beautiful, bright blue eyes! She is such a sweet kid! This is my pic for p13/365

This is for p12/365. Since we sold our other car, I felt stuck yesterday. Its weird not being able to go anywhere I want! Lol! But I did get a lot of cleaning done and I bathed my stinky puppies! I put the heater and a blanket on the floor so they could warm up and they slept there for hours! It was so funny to catch my lil boy dog sitting with his face right in the front of the heater! I think he liked the heat blasting over him! Lol!

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Diana said...

Hi there,
ok, here are the translations for the questions of the game:
1. 4 jobs you had in your life
2. 4 movies you can watch over and over again.
3. 4 places you used to live
4. 4 TV series you like
5. 4 places you've been on vacation
6. 4 websites you visit daily
7. 4 of your favourtie meals
8. 4 places you want to be right now.

Have fun and by the way the pics are great.