Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I thought I got lucky today because when I opened up my thumb drive I saw that there was a photoshop cs3 folder on it. So I downloaded it and hoped that it would open the program, but it only downloaded the files. The program asked if I had the serial number for it or if I wanted to try a 30 day free trial. I had to do the 30 days. The thumb drive belonged to Chris and he doesn't know where he got the program from anyways. Would have been nice to have CS3 for free! Oh well, I've never used photoshop before so I'll just learn to use it then maybe buy it for myself. I was playing around with this self portrait I took today.

I hate blogger, I can never orient my posts the way I want them, but anyways.....this is after editing in cs3.

This is straight out of the camera. I was laying on my bed facing the window and its kind of washed out. I love how just fooling around with the settings in CS3 gave the after photo more warmth in the face. I have lots and lots to learn! I wish I could take a class or somebody could sit down and teach me!

Okay, so I really really hate blogger! Anybody out there know how to use? I just want to know how I can get links on the left side of my blog and also how to change the layout....and I don't mean the layout options they give you when you go to the layout sections.

Chris goes into work in a few minutes. He gets to go out and play in the desert with the Special Forces boys. They have a mock haji town set up out there. Sounds like fun! I would love to get pictures of their training, but nobody without a "secret clearance" is allowed out there...*rolling eyes*

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