Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adrenalin rush and a bum knee

Sunday afternoon was a blast!! Chris, Ssg Strain, and I went repelling at Lone Mtn in Skull Valley! It was my first time EVER and holy crap was it an adrenalin rush! I was kind of nervous, but since I'm not afraid of heights I thought it would be a piece of cake! Well, let me tell you......climbing up to the top of a mountain is nothing....its beautiful and you have a 360 degree view of everything! Its the walking backwards off the edge that gets you! Lol! Chris was waiting for me at the bottom and Strain was at the top giving me some pointers. I hooked myself onto the rope and was like "okay, I got this". BUT as I started walking backwards off the edge I wasn't sure if I could do it! Strain assured me that I would be okay and to trust the rope! So, my butt is hanging off this shear drop off and my feet are on the edge and I was trying to pull myself back up to no avail! Lol! The only place to go was down! For a few feet down my feet were in contact with the rock face then it caved in and there I was....dangling off a rope a few hundred feet off the ground (or so it seemed! lol!) with my heart pumping and me sweating like I stole somthing! LOL! I slowly started letting out the rope to repel down and I let a little too much rope out and I dropped kinda fast then caught myself all the while letting out a shrill girly scream! hahaha! When I came to the ground I was shaking and sweating and exhilerated! Chris kept saying, "wasn't that fun?!" and all I could say was that it was scary! However, the second and third time was awesome, although I was still kinda shakey walking off the edge backwards, but its a rush and it sure gets the adrenalin going! the leg loops kept sliding down my thighs so my butt kept sticking out instead of being in a seated-like postion! Not that my butt isnt out there any other day! Lol!

This is lone mountain out in skull valley! I wish I would have taken a pic farther away. This rock is the only thing protruding from the ground! Everything else is flat for miles! This is a side view of it.

This is Ssg. Strain. He's a pro at this. He did his first repel here when he was 8!

So, needless to say he was fearless! Lol! He went down head first like a ninja! haha!

Here's my hubby!

Here's me! This was my second repel of the day and I was already a lot more comfortable.

Reyna and Guero came along for the ride, but they had to stay in the truck bed. Didn't want them following me up the mountain and taking a plunge after me! Lol!

Here's the view from the foot of the mountain. Its pretty awesome!
I have more pics, but they need to be touched up because I was shooting in automatic and it was high noon so they are kinda washed out.

Chris was holding the rope so I could free my hands to take pictures.
I can definitely see myself getting more into this sport/hobby whatever you wanna call it! We already have the equipment for it....we bought it last saturday so there's no need to rent equipment. I love trying new things and I especially love doing them together with the Hubs!

On a different note.....
I'm so bummed that my knee isn't healing fast enough! Its been almost two weeks! Its been feeling a lot better and I can actually walk on it for awhile before it starts getting sore. But it feels stiff and certain movements hurt and catch me off guard. Tonight was our first softball practice and I tried going for a ball that was hit to short stop and that wasn't a good idea! It started aching after that. The problem is, since my left knee isn't fully functional my right knee is doing extra work and now its hurting. So here I am seated at my computer with ice packs on my knees feeling sorry for myself! hahah! Tomarrow we have a game and as much as I wanna play, I don't think I'm gonna. I just have to let it heal. Boooooo. :(

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG>. what fabulous view! i envy you.. i would never have the guts to do that.. LOL... WTG Girl!

Sandy and Randy said...

Ha ha, being incredibly afraid of heights my hands were sweating just looking at the pics! Great pics and it looks like a lot of fun! I KNOW you are going to scrap it, can't wait to see those pages. Awesome!

Ivypink said...

Holy moly!!! This looks hardcore BUT super fun ;) I wanna try it one day hope your knee is better!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

OK!!! How AWESOME are you???!!! It sounds like you had a day to remember! I would so love to do that! It's one of the things on my list. :) Love the pictures you got! FABULOUS!

Sasha said...

Umm wow I wanna go now lolol..I have never been. Well okay I climb Mt Fuji and that was a BEAST .. goodness. Love the view you have in these shots ..

Happy Saturday

Ingunn said...

Gaah, you are so brave! Rappelling is fun once you're off the ledge, but that first step is HORRIBLE. And I've never tried a freehanging rappel like this! Ugh, it's making me dizzy :D