Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Its been another lovely, quiet, relaxed weekend here in the Cook household. I love our weekends!

Friday was spent:

  • Sleeping in and waking up to clear blue skies
  • Making plans, spot cleaning, and preparing some yummy dishes for the bbq we had here at our place with this adorable family of five.....

Sam, Chad and their coppertone kiddies.....
I call them that because they have the most delicious skin tone! Lol!

Well, the two youngest do. The oldest, Brooke (above) reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake. She is a cute strawberry blonde!

  • To keep the girls occupied, I brought down some scrapbooking goodies for the girls to create with. We have no kids and so our house isn't kid friendly! Lol! The girls were really happy with the scrappy stuff though. We had stuff all over the living room floor.
  • We had hotdogs for the kiddos and steaks for the adults, with yummy red baked potatoes.
  • For dessert, Chris made homemade strawberry sherbet ice cream! Which was a huge hit with the kids (and the adults!) Lol!
  • Chris and Chad tried to play frisbee, but it was a little too windy
  • The girls played with their buckets and shovels in our backyard.....we have a little sandbox from the previous tenants.
  • We all had a nice time. I forgot how noisy it is with kids running around.....its always just me, Chris and our dogs. Haha! It was fun!


  • More relaxing took place
  • I played around with some photos and the html on my blog...I want to give my blog some more personality
  • I picked up a huge furry houseguest. This is Boomer. He'll be with us til next Thursday. He's so cute and sweet! Our dogs don't really think so though! Lol! Reyna follows this guy everywhere! She's so bossy! Guero pretty much stays out of his way, he is terrified! hahaha! Boomer is extremly friendly though!
  • 9:30ish pm....with camera in hand....we all go outside to enjoy the sunset. Its become a nightly ritual. We've been having the most beautiful sunsets! We threw the ball around for Boomer and then went inside after the last of the colors couldn't be seen anymore.


  • I was awake a few minutes before Revielle sounded. Boomer slept on the floor in our room and he makes the loudest licking noises.....which I thought my dogs were loud and annoying! Lol! So I got up and let him do his business outside.
  • I crawled back into bed and woke up a few hours later to a soft kiss on the cheek from my hubby.
  • We had pancakes for breakfast.....I also almost swallowed a mouthful of sour milk.....eeeew!
  • Chris is doing the dishes......its a pretty good day! Lol!

I think I'm going to go let the dogs run for awhile and then come in and do some scrapping! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and continue to enjoy the rest of your sunday!


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