Monday, September 07, 2009

Done and Done!

I finished up the engagement photos on Friday. Its a weight off my shoulders! I think they came out great despite the fact that I chopped off Arica's arm in the photo below. It looks like a stump! Lol! So things to pay attention to in future sessions will be; chopped off limps, hair in eyes, and bright spots on faces when taking photos under treees or shade where light is peeking in!

I guess I can say I learned soooooo much from taking these and editing them! I stressed out a lot about making them perfect! I know they're far from perfect, but they are decent and Arica loves them! So much to learn! But I'm learning! :)

I am so thankful they trusted me enough to do this for them. I just hope they look great in print, but I don't want to think about that at the moment....too much pressure! Lol!

I know I posted some of these already, but oh well. I'm so happy with them and I'm happy I'm done with them! Lol!

This weekend was great! My mom and dad came down for a spur of the moment visit! I love those! It was relaxing and I really missed them, so it was wonderful! Chris was with his parents camping in Delta, but came home yesterday afternoon and we cooked out! It was fun!
My parents left about an hour ago. Right before they left my Tata had called with some bad news. My Nana's brother passed away. So it looks like I will be going to Arizona for a few days for the funeral. I'm so sad for my Nana and my uncle's family. My cousin Serena, his granddaughter just got married last weekend, it seems that he was holding on for her and her special occassion. At least they have those last wonderful memories of him.
Well, I'm gonna work on some stuff here that I've been neglecting! Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! Mine was great and relaxing!

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Hey I found your blog from Sasha's blog. I loved the pics of the couple. Some of them made me laugh out loud because they were so FUN! Had to show my hubby. You did a great job. I'll be back.