Friday, March 21, 2008

Hawk Bait

My three pound chihuahua caught the attention of this beautiful predator this morning at the lake! I was out taking a nice stroll around the lake with my two dogs and snapping pictures of anything that I found interesting. We had made our way around the lake and to my car where I switched the lenses on my camera. I had parked my car next to a huge pine tree and heard crows making a ton of noise so I decided I would snap some pictures of the noise makers for the heck of it. What I didn't notice was the huge hawk perched in the tree eyeing my poor dog! Once I caught sight of the huge bird I yelled for my dogs who were happyily sniffing and peeing on everything oblivious to the life threatning hunter in the tree above them! Reyna was the furthest away and I ran over to her and scooped her up while watching the bird just in case he tried anything. I put both dogs in the backseat of my car and grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. The hawk just sat there the whole time starring at me and I got some great shots of him or her! Once I got enough shots I called Chris and told him exaggeratedly about our dogs near death experience with this bird of prey! I wonder how long he was watching us before I noticed! I was never that far behind my dogs, thankfully, but they were off the leash running freely and I wasn't paying too much attention to them while taking pictures. I can say I learned a good lesson today; my dogs are still food no matter how cute and cuddly they are!

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