Sunday, March 16, 2008

White Flowers

I was out and about today snapping pictures of these trees that give are blooming with beautiful white flowers. I
took some great shots! The first photo is a view of the townhouses next to us! They have vines growing on the side walls and the red leaves from a tree in front made me want to take this picture!!! I love the way they came out!

In other news, I'm back at Blockbuster again, which isn't bad, the other job I was looking into was actually to sell $2400 Kirby Vacuums door to door and it just wasn't my thing. You can make a lot of money doing that, but the hours are horrible and lying to get into people's houses just isn't my style. I know that money is what drives the people I met to do this and I don't blame them, we could all use extra cash, but when I was shadowing a fellow trying to sell, he begged and pleaded for a woman to buy the vacuum off him and she asked him please not to gravel and I felt embarrassed just watching him. I didn't go back. My friend stayed, however, I think she will bring a little more class to the job!

Yesterday, all the counties surrounding Columbia had tornado warnings again. We just got a little bit of wind and rain, but nothing too serious. Chris and I made hamburgers for dinner and watched Enchanted, that new disney movie! It was such a good movie and Chris even liked it. I was half waiting for him to storm off because he was annoyed by the film, but he didn't and actually said it was cute!

It's another beautiful day here so I think Im going to take the dogs out for a romp at the park! They love that! Adios!

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