Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tornado Warning=Perfect weather to Scrapbook!

A few minutes ago the loud speakers that are everywhere on Ft.Jackson just announced that there is a tornado warning! Its windy and rainy outside! Perfect weather to sit in my scrapbook room and immerse myself in some creativity! I've finally decided to switch over to 8.5 x 11 size scrapbooking. Most of my albums are 12x12, but I find that I have trouble filling the entire paper so I'm going to do a few layouts in the smaller size and see how I like it.
In other news, we finally found the perfect motorcycle that we have been searching for!! Its a 2001 Honda Goldwing!!! Perfect for cruising the world!! Or just the United States!!! Chris has been playfully teased about it because its not a "crotch-rocket", but we wanted something that would be comfortable for the both of us on those long road trips!!! I can't wait to go to Sturgis when it comes up again! It was my mother and father-in-law who talked us into getting one! I don't blame them, some of their trips looked really awesome and I want to do that! My brother in law is also getting a motorcycle so I can't wait til we can all get together and cruise the back roads of America!!! I'm already trying to talk my husband into letting me put a girly touch on my seat on the back, but he's definitely not going for it. Maybe I can put my touch on my helmet!!! Listen to me!!! hahaha! We don't even have the bike in our possession yet and I'm already talking about dolling it up! LOL!!! Yes, I am a girly girl! I didn't even have to be coaxed too hard into getting a motorcycle! When we came home from Germany, my in-laws paid for our diving lessons and that I really had to be talked in to and I didn't even finish the lessons. But road trips are my favorite and the bike has a six disc cd changer and the helmets already have the communication system in it, so I'm very excited to get out and tour the open roads!!! Well, I'm going to get off here and do some "crafty crap" as my darling husband would say! Good night!

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