Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perks of the Military

This past weekend was good, despite having to work it except Sunday. Chris had a four day weekend, which made it hard to go to work. Knowing that he'll be home makes me drag my feet out of bed, but I know he deserves a little alone time as play Final Fantasy alone all weekend! Sunday we went for a short bike ride to the Sesquicentennial Park off Two Notch Rd. Its a national forest area right in the middle of a busy city! Its an odd place for it, but overall it wasn't that bad and actually pretty nice. The camping area was packed, but surprisingly you really didn't notice how many people were there. We met up with Sgt.Kyle's wife and mother and father in law. They we the nicest, most generous people. I felt like I was with family from the moment I met them. It felt good to be outdoors, have some great bbq and hang out. It felt like I was home for a few hours. It made me think about why the military life is a good life. You run into a lot people who are so genuine, you meet people who become family and you feel blessed. We all chose to be in the military some how, and yes we do complain, but when we sit around and think about it, it truly is the people you meet who make it what it is. We deal with what we have and we learn to work with it to make a good life. We have been all over the place and met many cool people, who come and go, but stay with us in some way. I am feeling very thankful this morning. Thanks to everybody who has touched our lives.

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