Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blossom Layout and Poochies...

I loved the pictures I took back in March of the trees with tons of white blossoms, but was afraid to scrap them because I didn't want to overdue the layout. I wanted the photos to be the main focus. I think I achieved it with this layout! Its simple and the photos are the focus.
I had a four day weekend and we did nothing! Kinda boring, but I did get in a lot of reading.....Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer are amazing. Of course its a vampire/werewolf novel, but with a new twist and it was by far the best read ever! I could not take my eyes off of it! I read New Moon in one day! Needless to say I didn't get any chores done, but nobody reading these books would anyway. I have to wait til August til the fourth book comes out! That's going to be a long haul! I can't wait! I don't want to! A movie of Twilight, the first novel is being made and will be out in December. I'm not too sure if I want to see it. I saw a few trailers from the movie and I think they could have picked better looking actors to portray the characters. I shouldn't have watched the trailors because now when I go and flip through the book and read a few paragraphs I see the main character, Bella, as the girl who is playing the part in the movie and now I can't remember what I first pictured her as and its throwing me off! LOL! I know, I know, its a book, but its the best darn book I've ever read and I want my makeup of the characters in my head when I read! Anyways, its back to work today......right when the scrapbooking mood hits me! I better get going and get dressed! I have an hour til work!

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