Friday, June 06, 2008


Another week, come and gone! They go by fast with really nothing to show for it! Wow, that sounded a little too pessimistic! Its getting very hot aound here and that has a lot of us very irritable.
I do not like to not move and still sweat! Even scrapbooking has me sweating....yuck! Anywho, work is chugging along, it just got a little better since we got a PS3 kiosk.We watch blue ray dvd's when the man is away, or in our case, the woo-man! Lol! Today, I answered the phone at work and went through the whole "thank you for calling blockbuster...." spiel, when all I hear is "Shut-Up" and the dial tone! I guess it was an elementary schoolers attempt at a crank call. I laughed and went on with my day. Stupid kid. Enough about that, heres a layout about my little buddy, Guero. I wish I would have named him Plucky, instead of a name that 99.9% of all white people can't pronounce. Plucky, would have been a much better name for a dog who's tail never seems to stop wagging...for a dog who is always so happy to see you!

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