Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Season of Army Wives!!!!! Tomarrow!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited about the new season of Army Wives?!!! I'm giddy with excitement while Chris just rolls his eyes at me! He's not allowed to watch it with me because he points out all the things that are done wrong. "That was a half-assed salute!" and frequent eye rolling are what I have to deal with if he does, so Sunday's at 10 will be my time. I posted four reminders around my house! One on the computer, the fridge, tv, and one on Christopher's forehead, with strict orders not to remove it til tomarrow at 10 o'clock!!!!! Lol! He didn't quite go for that and he assured me that if I did miss it reruns would probably be on all week, but there's nothing like catching the first episode of the new season!

Last night I set the alarm on my phone for 7:45, and i woke up at 7:45! Amazing! I didn't want to waste my Saturday sleeping in and waking up when it would already be hot outside. Since we were up early we decided to go to Lowe's and find some drywall screws so we can hang up our pictures and mirrors (minus a mirror! It shattered when Chris' butt bumped it! But it was my fault for moving it there in the first place!) Anyways, we also bought some nice ceiling fans for the living room and our bedroom! They have the air flowing nicely in both rooms! We also bought some window tint to put on the windows to keep some of the heat out and add some more privacy if we ever want to open up our curtains. Chris had the fans up in no time and I worked at the window tinting. It was pretty fun, except I cut two pieces the wrong size and ended up wasting it. We would have had enough for all the windows in the house if I hadn't have done that. Oh well......

Chris and I were being metiches earlier when we heard this pounding outside! I looked out the curtain and saw this big guy pounding on a house door across the street. Of course, right then Chris needed a cigarette break! Lol! We're so nosie! The guy was from Rent-a-Center and from what it looks like, our ghetto neighbor took off with some stuff of theirs. We haven't seen anybody at the house for a few days and this is the third time we've seen RAC at their house! Deadbeats suck! They are the same neighbors who didn't even introduce themselves before asking to use our lawnmower! How are you going to stand at your door across the street and have your kids come over and ask a complete stranger if they can borrow your lawn mower.....I thought it was least we got it back....we could have been SOL like RAC!!!!!!

In other breaking Cook news, there is a little green frog living under my dogs water bowl outside. Guero loves frogs, he likes to paw at them and jump back and growl when they move! Its hilarious! I swear one of these days Im going to go tumbling down our stairs because of that dog! He loves to race us up and down the stairs! When we are going down he likes to get ahead a few stairs and then stop right under our feet. Of course I hope it doesn't happen, I'd hate to have to wear a smelly cast again, especially during summer!

That's all I got for tonight! Don't forget to watch Army Wives tomarrow!!!!!!

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