Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lightning Storm and Fools Gold!

Yesterday evening, we had the Best Lightning Show I've seen in awhile! It was reminiscent of monsoon season in Tucson, Arizona. It was around 6:50 pm when Chris and I,stepped outside to see if the storm was headed our way. We were standing under the tent when all of a sudden a flash of light and a huge, loud cracking sound was right above us! Instinctively I covered my ears and screamed! I scared the crap out of Chris, but the lightning and thunder scared the crap out of me! It was directly over head and that was my cue to get my butt inside! It was way to close and I'm surprised none of the trees in the backyard were fried! The rain came within seconds of that burst and it downpoured for a good 20 minutes. Lisa, James, and Isaiah were over for dinner and Chris had to use the huge umbrella we have to bbq up the hamburgers we were having for dinner! We watched, "Fools Gold" with Kate Hudson and that Matthew guy whose last name I cannot spell. It was pretty funny. After, we stood outside and watched the lightning spider across the was awesome! Isaiah loved it, he kept saying "come on, big one, big one!!!!"

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