Monday, June 30, 2008

Grandma's Birthday Card

I made this card and the envelope for my Grandmother (Dad's Mom) yesterday. I wanted something elegant and I love the way this came out! I really hope she likes it! I was feeling very creative yesterday and I made a few cute greeting cards to send to my family. Chris and I relaxed all day, while doing little things around the house. I had a 10 minute cat nap with Guero....I curled up next to him and fell into a deep sleep until I hear my name being called by Chris. He didn't know where I was......I was asleep on the floor with the dogs in the other room. Chris installed ceiling fans in the other rooms and they are so much cooler and it was so relaxing to just plop down and fall asleep.....needless to say, when bedtime came I was wide awake and restless as all hell! I think I am ready to take our motorcycle trip, but I am scared to leave the dogs for two weeks with a friend. I know I shouldn't worry, but I love these little critters to death and don't want anything to happen to them! So that kept me up....worrying about them. Well Im off to work....three days of work then I'm free for two weeks! Can't Wait!!!!

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