Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Photos...

...But FIRST some cuteness!!!!

I made this sweet card today....its so cute....

This is what has been come to be know as....
When Reyna is under the covers and theres a commotion going on...she just pops one little bubble eye out of the covers to see what all the ruckus is about!

We had a heavy storm come down on us a few hours before these pics were taken. I was just fiddling with my camera, but they came out pretty neat!


This is Suburbia!

Just a little experiementation with angles............

A side yard view of the forest and sky.....

An Angel Story
This ceramic angel was given to us by the little old man named Auguste, who would climb four flights of stairs to deliver our chinese food. He didn't really speak good english, but he always had a shy, but sweet smile on his face....and he would always ask...."oh, for you" whenever he would deliver my food and see only me in the apartment. Chris was deployed to Iraq, so I would have chinese takeout, somewhat often....LOL!
In March, a month after Chris was back from Iraq....we started PCSing out of Germany. The movers came and cleared out our apartment. There was nothing left except our luggage. We decided to order some chinese food and we ordered my usual! The doorbell rang several minutes later and it was my favorite delivery man! He saw that Chris was back and that our house was empty and asked if we were leaving in his broken english.....we told him we were on orders to head back to the states and that we would miss Germany. We gave him the rest of all our change we had in euros and he was very thankful for such a big tip! A few hours later we hear another knock at the door and it was Auguste with a gift! He came back and wanted to wish us a good trip back to the U.S. He gave us this little angel and a very sweet memory of a kind gesture I will keep with me always.

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