Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its the little things...

...that make me happy! Like crispy tacos and a beautiful new scrapbook layout! Since our friend James made his E6 the other day, I told him I would make him tacos for dinner since he had been craving them since the last time I made them on Mother's day! Usually I would get discouraged becuase they would get a little soggy the minute I took them out of the frying pan, but yesterday I tweaked the amount of oil I used and they came out so delicious! They were just like the ones my mom and nana make and I felt so good! Needless to say my friends thought they were amazingly delicious anyways!

I'm also happy with the way my layout came out! The photo is one of my favorites ever! Chris and I took it when we were in Garmisch! We went up there for his R&R from Iraq and had an amazing time! Its my idea of heaven on earth! I want to go back some day!

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Maria Jose said...

This is the best part of the house, I have my scrapbooking room too !!! I will post some pictures in my blog to show you ! I am living in Downtown columbia, maybe we can drink a coffee some day. I can invite you to my scrapbook room ! I really like to meet people who like the same things..

thank you for comment in my blog !