Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It was a long day....

...at Blockbuster.....I was happy to come home to this.....

and them!

Oh...and an unfinished layout that needed last minute touches...its done now and ready for the album. Its a page about last christmas.

So, after work I got what I thought was a call from Berta.....I had texted her earlier, but wasn't able to answer because I was working.....so I gave her a call back excited and happy to talk to my friend, when all of a sudden I get a "who the f*ck is this!" and a "I dont think you know who this is" and some other unpleasant stuff.....well turns out Berta got a new number and phone and her old number got recycled and was given to the unholy cow who answered the old number! Anywho, I called Dea up and asked her if Berta got a new number and immediately she asked if I had gotten cussed out by some hefer too! She started laughing and told me the same thing happend to her the other day.....she had sent Berta a text message and a few minutes later she got one back saying "go to hell!" and "quit texting me".....well Dea called Berta....thinking that was still her number and the crazy b*tch started cussing Dea out.......to make a long story short......Karma is a bitch, especially when you mess with the Rodriguez's..... Dea got her number from me and gave it to all her cousins....and that's a lot of people! I'm betting she won't have that same number by tomarrow night! There's no need to be a complete b*tch when someone has dialed the wrong number.....she could have simply texted me and Dea back with a little message that we had the wrong number.....oh well....her bad!

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