Monday, August 18, 2008

I've been busy...

...playing in my scrapbook room all weekend! I am adamant about scrapping our motorcycle trip! I have tons of pictures, but I am scrapping my favorites and the ones that tell a story. So far I have quite a few done. I wanted to share these three for the hell of it.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Text: Myrtle Beach has the warmest water I've ever been in. You could actually enjoy playing in the waves instead of freezing like you do at California Beaches.

This layout is a little to plain for me. I want to come back to it later when I have an idea as to what I want to do to it. I did want to weave some very thin hemp through those holes, but I didnt want to tear the holes with the needel and hemp going through it.

This one is my favorite pic of my mother in law. I thought she looked cool with her black leather jacket and blue jeans!

First I saw a lady at my local scrapbook store with this bag and I fell in love! Those are sooooo my colors! Then I went to CKC and saw lots of women toting it around and I just had to ask where they got it! AC Moore, another craft store like Michaels had them for $34.99. I had a 50% of coupon to use, but I had just come back from CKC on Friday and I wanted this bag on Saturday so I could use my coupon. Thankfully my very sweet and patient husband let me go and buy it, of course the 50% off coupon helped my case.

It was a nice weekend! I couldn't get Chris off the couch and away from Lego Indiana Jones, but I didn't mind too much. I was able to play upstairs in my favorite room all weekend, undisturbed! Saturday, I went over to our friend Danielle's house on Ft.Jackson for a little while! Actually, I was missing her adorable little girl! Lol! Plus I know how boring it can get sitting at home alone all the time....she is in the military (we were stationed in Germany together) and just had a baby so there are big changes going on for her right now! We did a photoshoot with the baby that was tons of fun. The pics came out great, but there is still tons to learn and I want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to quirk up the pics. Danielle and I, actually got Chris out of the house and had dinner at Wild Wings! Lol! We didn't have to push him to hard though (gotta give him some credit!). On Sunday we stayed home, I played in my room, he played downstairs. I got to talk to my mom and dad who live in Nevada, and I had a quick chat with my little brother who lives in Arizona.

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