Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charleston, SC

My Tia Bel and Uncle Ken from Arizona were in Mt.Pleasant, SC this week. They drove their RV all the way here to visit with family. My uncle Ken was born here in SC and still has family in the area. It was perfect timing that my tia Bel called me on Tuesday asking me to take a drive down to the coast to visit. I had three days off so I drove down early wednesday morning and spent two days with them. They were camped out at a KOA. It was a beautiful spot right next to the lake. We spent the next two days roaming and sightseeing around Charleston. Back at the campsite we relaxed and barbequed and had more family come out to visit. It was two days well spent. Chris, however, is in training for two weeks. He has another week to go of WLC (warrior leader course). It always seems that whenever he leaves for training I always get to go out of town to meet up with family. Hopefully, the next time family comes our way he will be here. I know it bums him out sometimes, but thats the way things have always gone with us. Here are my fave pics from the last couple of days!

Yesterday morning, the clouds finally let the sun shine through and I caught these gogeous views on camera. This is the lake my uncles got to camp near. Supposedly it has alligators swimming around in it.
The first night I spent the night, it rained so hard! The next morning these mushrooms appeared out of nowhere it seemed! It was as if they were revived with the rain!! I
My tia (aunt) has the cutest mini schnauzer I ever met! Guero really didnt want anything to do with her, but reyna's tail wagged everytime she came near.
Precious! (thats her name! aint she cute?!!!)
On the way home I stopped to get gas. Every gas station I passed was packed with people. The clerks had to moderate the traffic! It was crazy. I stopped on post to get gas, but wasnt going to deal with the traffic jam to get to a pump. It was insane!!!!
This is my tia bel and her sister in laws hubby,
Jack. My uncle ken almost looks just like him except he doesnt wear glasses and hes just a little bit taller! Lol! The four of these people are so lighthearted and were laughing most of the time. Jack and his wife Elsie have that southern charm...and accents! Lol! I heard a lot of "bless your heart's" and "ya'll".

I dont think I could get tired of Charleston. The houses are so amazing! We took a carriage ride through town and learned some of its history. These are a few pics of the houses near the Battery.

A glimpse of rainbow row.

While walking around the many shops at the market are, I found this cute little coin purse that I had to have. Well actually my tia bought it for me for my birthday! Aint it sweet!!!!
My tia also bought me this painting by an artist named nina (she wanted to get me something for my birthday which is next wednesday). I loved the booths that had crafts that were handmade. Im a lover of all things crafty! I cant stop looking at this painting. The artist recognized me from the day before and asked me some questions about my family! Lol! Me and my aunt are a lot darker then ken and his sister and hubby.
I left Mt. Pleasant yesterday morning around 10 am, hoping that I would miss the rush hour traffic. Well I did.....only to catch up to an accident that had traffic backed up for miles!!! It was so annoying AND I had to use the bathroom so bad! Eventually, I made it home!

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