Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday..... ME!!!! I've been alive for 24 years today! They haven't all been great, but I learned a lot, seen a lot, and laughed a lot! That's all anyone can ask for, right?!

Today, my friend Sandy and I had lunch at my fave restaurant, Chili's! I even had dessert! Lol! Later we swung by my house to pick up some scrappy supplies to scrapbook at her house....though "some supplies" is an understatement, it looked like I packed my whole room! Its so hard to decide on what to take with you when you have no clue what you want to work on! Lol! I managed to punch out one card! Just one! And the reason for this is because I am such a slow starter and because my work table was not an even flat surface so it took many times to get a perfect stamp! But I do love the finished product! Its for my grandmother who sent me a birthday card with a few bucks in it! I used those few bucks to buy myself these adorable cupcake stamps! I love them!

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