Friday, September 19, 2008

Should be in bed, but.....

......I'm so excited! Chris comes home tomarrow! After two weeks of just me and the dogs, Im ready for my honey to be here! I have to wake up early and go back to Ft.Jackson to watch him graduate from WLC. Then I have him all to myself for the weekend! I was so happy that the card I made yesterday was featured on the Crop Suey blog! Hopefully, I'll make some online friends from this! Lol! I have one friend who I've recently started scrapping with, but with all the moving we do, it would be nice to have some virtual friends to take with me everywhere the Army sends us...if that doesn't sound to weird??!!! Anyways, I can't keep my hands off this kit! I started this layout this morning, but was rudely interrupted by the fact that I had to go to work....booooooooo! After work, I got to visit Chris at the McCrady training range and also got to visit with my friend Danielle and her sweet baby girl! When I got home around nine pm I went back to playing with my layout. It was fun! Now, I'm tired and thinking about going to bed......ya....I'll do that.....Night All!

p.s. I like my butterflies with bling! Lol! I loved that the print on the butterflies is still visible, even after inking them!

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1 comment:

kristina k said...

It turned out great! :)
The kits are so packed, you are going to have so much fun with it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!