Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a quick update

I've been putting my blog off for the last couple of weeks! I mean to blog, but then get busy doing something else that needs to be done like laundry or cleaning the kitchen! Laundry is never-ending! Seems like I always have something to fold or something to vacuum! I love my dog G, but man he is constantly shedding and I am always vacuuming the couches and the carpets! Not only that, but I have been so scatter-brained lately! I can't keep a single thought in my head to contemplate before 50 more come through and there I go forgetting things that I had planned to do! It gets annoying, but I know its because I am getting so anxious to move! I have to remember to be patient, but I have no patience! Anywho......
I went to Tennessee this weekend to visit my friend Jennifer! She is prego with her and her hubby's second baby, but it will be their first one to meet the world....if that makes sense!? So I'm very happy for them! Chris and I are going back in December, hopefully for the baby shower! Chris couldn't make it up this weekend with me because he had a conference in Atlanta. So I packed up me and my dogs and we headed out on a lil road trip! My two dogs are serious road trippers! They go everywhere with me and have been across the country about as many times as I have! The drive through S.Carolina, N.Carolina and Tennessee was beautiful! The trees were all different colors and the sun was out shining and it was a clear blue sky! A PERFECT day for a road trip!
I am still anxiously awaiting my CropSuey kit! I was hoping it would be here today, but it wasn't! Hopefully tomarrow! Please, Oh Please, let it be on my doorstep tomarrow! Lol!

Tonight, Chris and I invited our friends over for tacos and a movie! We are going to watch Wall.E while scarfing down some of my delicious tacos!

I will post some sneek peeks of creations that are going in my etsy shop! I've been procrastinating with that too, but I plan on getting the store set up soon!

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