Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today was...

...GREAT!!! I got together with my two friends and we had an unintentional girls day! My good friend Sandy picked me up at at home around 12:15 and we went to meet up with my friend D and her daughter Jayelle at a nail salon. Sandy and I wanted to have our eye brows waxed, but I ended up getting that done, plus a mani and pedi! It was sooooo relaxing! I felt so girly having my toe nails painted! I had the lady put flowers on my big toes! Lol! I also had my finger nails painted and had a flower design put on two fingers. I tried to have a pedicure done a few years back at a cosmatology school, but I couldn't finish because the smells in that place made me so sick! This time it was all good and I came out so happy with my pretty nails! Lol! After we went and had lunch at an asian bistro which was really yummy. D wanted to shop the cute kid stores for a nice christmas outfit for Jayelle. That was tons of fun, because shopping for a baby girl, even though shes not yours is so much fun! We were trying adorable little hats on the kid and she loved the attention she got from everyone! We hit up the Icing to find the finishing touches for the ball thats on Saturday. Before we knew it, we had lost track of time and it was already 5:30 when we noticed! I ended up driving home with D, because she wanted me to do Jayelle's pictures, which came out so adorable by the way! It was such a nice day! Days like these make me sad to leave my friends. D is in the military and we have known eachother from a few years and were stationed together in Germany. She ended up getting stationed here at Ft.Jackson and its just been such a pleasure getting to see her start a family. Her little girl is absolutely adorable and Im in love with her! Its going to be hard to say goodbye now! I've known Sandy for about a year, but we were friends instantly when we met! Her and her husband are such a great couple and Im going to miss them so much! We've shared many meals together and this Saturday we are going to the ball together, I know it will be a blast!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of picture taking! A few days ago I set up the tripod and got to snapping pics of Chris and I! They came out pretty good considering I had to keep jumping up after every pose to hit the shutter button to take our picture! After seeing our pictures my friends definitely wanted me to do their family Christmas photos, which I happily obliged! So far I've done Sandy's family and I just did D and Jayelle's photos tonight here at my house with our tree. She's taking 26 days of leave to see her family so she didn't decorate a tree. Im kind of sad because when she gets back we will practically be packing up, but we have a plan to do another girls day out before I go. Hopefully my good friend Lisa will be able to come this time. We did stop by her work to say hi, we had missed her lunch hour by ten minutes so that was kind of a bummer.

I know this is such a long post, but I have so much to share. I feel so happy with my life and I am very very thankful for everything!

I wanted to show a picture from Christmas 2005. We were living in Germany and Chris and D were going to get deployed to Iraq at the first of the year. Seems like I remember our life in increments. Time frames are measured by events that took place. I dont know if that makes sense, but it makes sense for me. I wonder if its the same for everyone?

This is us in December 2005. I think we look younger....and a bit thinner! Lol! Chris doesn't fit into that suit anymore and those pants won't come up my thighs *sigh*
This is us today. We're still cute together! I love us!

This is the picture we chose to send in the christmas cards to family. It was a hard decision because I loved all of them, especially the pic up top, but I have cleavage in that pic and I didn't want to send it out! (But I'll post it here, no problem! LOL!)

Here's my adorable fur-kids. No, I didn't send this in the cards. I didn't want to be classified as one of "those" people who since they don't have kids, have pets who are their kids, (even though thats whats up! Lol!) My friend Sandy said she recieved a Christmas card in the mail with a picture of her friends dog. They decided not to have children so the dog makes up for it instead.

And this one just cracks me up because G is licking the roof of Reyna's mouth!
I wish I had photoshop to lighten up the photos. Although I do like the lighting, they are still a bit dark.

This extremely adorable child is my friend D's baby girl! I can't get enough of those eyes! I'm so glad they stayed blue! Just look at that button nose! Lol!

She was trying to eat my leg! She's teething!

Her hair is curly when its wet, but when it dries it goes straight! So I kept her hair wet for the curls.....
Isn't she so cute! I love this kid! She is the friendliest baby I've ever met!
These are all straigh out of the camera! Not too bad, eh?!!

I just laid her on her stomach and she did the rest! I didn't have to pose her or anything! I just let her do her thing and I got some great shots!
I was so pooped by the time the shoot was done. I was ready for bed, but once I laid down couldn't go to sleep! I hate that!!! So I decided to get up and write this long post! So I think this will be all for this early morning! (its 1:06 am) Good Day!

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Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Wowzers! That was a long, but very full day! Sometimes seems like days like this are a few wrapped up into one. You're right, absolutely beautiful baby girl. Not hard to fall in love w/one so cute and sweet. :) Cheri