Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yep....I'm thrilled that this month has gone by so fast! It has been a great month filled with lots of lovely memories and of course stress! But we've made it and have come out on top!

This month:

  • We studied non-stop for the E-6 Promotion board!
  • On 23 December Chris went to the board and scored a 145/150! Chris was happy and I was proud! It was the last board he would ever have to go through again! One less stressor off his back! Now hopefully in January he will get promoted to Staff Seargent! It would be another highlight to start off the new year!
  • December 13, we went to our first military ball! Well it was a holiday ball for the hospital here on Ft.Jackson, but I loved getting all dressed up and I had fun!
  • December 16, Chris's clinic had a holiday luncheon. Everybody brought there favorite dish and I made my famous Tacos! Needless to say we were all stuffed to the gills when all of a sudden the loud speaker system blares out to evacuate the hospital and that it wasnt a drill. My heart kind of sank because I had never had that happen to me! So everyone made a mass exodus to the parking lot across the street and waited there for a good 45 minutes. Later we were allowed to enter the building again and work resumed. What had happend was a few minutes prior to the evac message the front desk guy went on the loud speaker and asked for the taxi driver that dropped off the package to come back up to the front desk. When they repeated the message a few minutes later, I remeber thinking "oh crap, they're gonna have to evacuate!" So sure enough they did. You cant just go leaving mysterious packages at front desks without saying a word about who its for or whats inside! Not in todays world and especially not on a military installation! I was mad! Whoever dropped off the package must not have been thinking clearly! You just dont go around doing that! Okay!
  • Christmas eve and Christmas was so relaxing! We literally didnt do a thing the whole week Chris was off! I loved it! I got a brand new pink laptop from my wonderful hubby! It also came with a mini laptop that is awesome for using downstairs and jumping on the internet on a whim! We had dinner at my friend sandy's house and instead of the traditional turkey or ham dinner I made tacos, yet again! Lol!

So there was a lot more stuff, but as I havent been blogging I might have forgotten more of it! I have been pretty lazy and preoccupied with my little christmas project I had going on. I made my first acrylic mini album! I loved the way it came out, but I wasn't really to careful about the back sides of the pages so you can see adhesive and stuff, but I dont care. Its my first one and its mine! I cant do whatever I want with it! lol! I will post pics of that and some pictures from the ball a little later!

Yesterday, Chris and I went to the property manager for the house we are renting. We went and put it our 30 days notice of when we will be out of the house! We have to have this house cleared by the 15th of February! I am so excited! Finally we have pinned down a day and it makes the whole moving thing a lot more real! So its only a month and a half away! We will probably be leaving a few days after the 15th! We have a long drive to go, but one I was will to do yesterday! Lol! Chris will be riding his motorcycle all the way there! Which makes me extremely jealous because I looooooooove being on the back! We will be making several stops for gas and rest and such, but we will be staying a night in El Paso, Texas where my Grandma lives. Hopefully my grandma will want to come to Tucson, AZ with us to where we will be making our next stop. The majority of my family lives there and so does my other grandma! Then after a few days there we will be heading up to Las Vegas, Nv where our parents live and visit with everyone there for awhile. Then its up to Utah where we will make Dugway Proving Grounds our home! Lol! I am so excited!

I am looking forward to this year and being closer to family! I cant tell you how happy I am!

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