Friday, January 02, 2009

Random Ramblings

I have been looking forward to the new year and now that its finally here it won't officially start for me til we are on the road home! Chris and I will finally be moving to Utah in late February. I am happy to finally be putting the steps to clearing out of this place in motion! A few days ago we went and told the property manager that we will be out of the house we are renting on the 15th of February. Chris has an appointment with the transportation office on post next wednesday and hopefully he will be able to set up an appointment with them to come and pick up our household goods sometime during the first week of Feb. I keep telling myself that all of this is only a few weeks away, but I have no patience when it comes to something I want! Especially this move! Today, I took down our Christmas tree and decorations while Chris took down the lights outside. When he was done he came inside and saw me rolling up the area rug and asked me why I was taking it upstairs. I told him that I wanted to make it look like we are moving because it makes me feel better! He thought it was pretty funny, but I am just so ready to be closer to my family! I miss them so very much and I can't wait to hug my mom and dad. Thinking about it makes me tear up because I know they will be so happy to see us! When we first got stationed in SC, I thought it wasn't going to be that bad because at least we were living inthe same country as my family and we would be able to fly home. But since living here we've only been home once and that was last year due to a funeral. Plane tickets are so expensive and flying from the southwest to the east is the biggest hassle!

Anywho...I've been thinking a lot about where we are going to live. We will be living near Tooele, Utah at Dugway Proving Grounds. We heard that housing and the facilities were pretty nice. Chris will have a four day work week and that sounds great! No matter what the housing situation will be for us I plan on making it a home! When we first moved to SC, Chris and I lived on Ft. Jackson and the housing was roach infested and old, but we made the place ours by adding some paint to the walls and buying new furniture. When we moved to the rental house, which we're in at the moment, we didn't put any pictures on the walls or really do anything for fear that we might have to pay out of pocket for any damages! So despite feeling comfortable in the house, it really doesn't feel like ours. Plus, Columbia isn't a place where we feel at home anyway.

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