Saturday, January 03, 2009

Project 365

I've been taking pictures since the first for Project 365! The kit is sold out, but hopefully CK will have some more in stock soon so I can purchase it online!

This first pic was taken on 1.1.09. We rang in the New Year at Sandy and Randy's! We had a fondue dinner which was absolutely delish! Dessert was served shortly after midnight. We lit off fireworks in the street and decided to call it a night and go in for dessert after we kept setting lawns on fire! I've never had chocolate fondue before and it was amazing! I loved it!

Pic taken yesterday, 1.2.09. Today we tore down our tree and took the lights off the house. Now that its the new year, I am looking forward to so many new ventures! I want to make an inspiration journal to store all of my creative ideas and I'm starting by taking all of my CK mags from 08 and cutting out the articles and layouts that really appealed to me. I am so anxious to get things rolling, but we are moving in February so I am holding off on my new arrangement for my scraproom. Im hoping that the next duty station we are at has a nice space for my scrapbook room. In the meantime, I will be gathering photos and inspo for my next room! Can't wait!

I haven't taken a picture to mark today's date, but I did finish a layout! I think it came out pretty good! I love sassafrass papers so much, but I have a hard time using them because I just want to tape them to some canvas and hang the pp on my walls! Hey! That just gave me a good idea! Lol! I'll have to write that down!

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