Saturday, January 03, 2009

P365 Day 3

Today, I slept in until almost one o'clock!!! I couldn't believe thatmy hubby hadn't tried to wake my butt up! He had been up for a few hours already cleaning up the yard. I heard the garage door opening and I jumped up and checked the clock on my phone! It was 15 minutes til so I got out of bed and took a shower. We've been staying up late every night and while my hubby can't sleep in for any length of time because his back starts to ache, Im a different story!
We didn't do much today. I finished up the layout in the previous post and Chris has been downstairs playing the xbox. We made a run to Wal-Mart for some coffee around 7:30pm and we bought a big plastic bin for our Christmas tree....its a 7.5ft fakey that we've had for about 4 years already and its still in good condition, but we got the bin since we will be making another move and the cardboard box it came in has seen better days and is about ready to call it quits! Lol! We came home and I made Chris a soup and a sandwhich while he brewed up some of his coffee! He's so sweet, he put a dallop of whip cream in mine! Thats my cup in the pic. I added some cinnamon and it was delish!

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~sandy~ said...

Hey!!! Great picture! Makes me want some coffee!! LOL!...