Sunday, January 04, 2009


Today was spent relaxing on the couch. Chris and I spent the morning looking at real estate near and around Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. We aren't sure if we will be able to live off post since Tooele, the closest town to Dugway is quite a few miles away, but its fun to look! We also looked up the housing on Dugway and its just like the housing here at Fort Jackson. Nothing, but townhouses. The thing about housing in the military is its separated by rank, typically the higher ranking you are the housing is somewhat better than what a lower ranking soldier would get. At Dugway the housing is for E7 and above, but since Chris is an E5 we will probably live in the housing for E7. The cool thing is is that the E7 housing for soldiers with dependents has 3 bedrooms! Thats fairly exciting since here at Jackson if you have a family of 3 you get two bedrooms. Since its just me and Chris for now and I will still be able to have my scrapbook room and a spare bedroom for guests!

This is the townhouse we are hoping to get into if we can't live off post. It has three bedrooms and is a little over 1400 sq. ft. The house we are in now is 1300 sq ft.

On a different note:
Tonight I spent some time organizing my scraproom and was a little overwhelmed by how much stuff I have! I have stuff that I bought in Germany and never used! I think that when I get to our next duty station and set up my room, I'm going to go through my stuff and make a whole bunch of stuff for my etsy store and once I use up all the stuff I will do a subscription to a kit club. I think it would help save me money and it would come to me! Lol! But then again, Salt Lake City (in my mind) is like the scrapbooking capitol of the world! lol! So I could get into a lot of trouble out there!

I've been working on scrapping these pictures. I am stumped as to how I want to scrap them. I'll post the ball pics later, but I think I might nix this layout idea, nothing is glued down yet so I am still feeling things out.

I think the picture of that townhouse will be the pic of the day for p365. Anywho, this is all for tonight! Good night!

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wesley said...


my name is wes sawyer and i work at dugway proving ground. i work in the motorpool. sounds like you are comming to dugway. let me be the first to welcome you to the largest gated community in the state, lol. if you need anymore info about the area email me at and ill try to help. hope to meet you soon