Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday 6/365

Yesterday, I was so tired! The night before I was wide awake after the lights went out! I woke up pretty late yesterday morning, around 11:30! I knew that if I didn't get moving I was going to fall asleep so I called up my friend Sandy and we went shopping! First we went and had lunch at the px on Fort Jackson. It was nice to sit down for awhile outside of my house since we hadn't gone anywhere over the long New Years weekend. I got to vent out some of my frustrations with my sleeping habits and with myself. It helps to talk things out since she usually gives me pretty good advice! I also figured out what my word of the year is going to be and told her about it! My word for the year is:


I don't have any at all! I think thats why I have so many problems sleeping is because I get so over excited for things to come! Like this move thats coming up! Then I start thinking about all this stuff that I have to do before and my mind just goes on and on. Sometimes when Im lying there wide awake at two in the morning I wish that night would just hurry up and pass so I can get working on the things I'm thinking about. So I'm going to try and practice having patience! Lets see how this goes!!!

Now back to the shopping:
We hit up all our favorite cheapy stores, like Big Lots (sometimes you can find good scrappy supplies for cheap!). We also scanned Target's dollar section and they had cute V-Day supplies! I spent twenty bucks and that included lunch and some household supplies I needed! Thats my kind of shopping! Lol! Our last stop was hobby lobby and by that time I was dragging! I was so sleepy and ready to get home! So I took Sandy home and headed to my house. Chris was already home so we made dinner and relaxed with a cocktail. He made me an orange julius with orange bacardi in it and he had himself a jack and coke. I was in bed by nine or so and I slept like a baby!

This morning I woke up to my chihuahua whimpering in her bed because she needed to go relieve herself outside! It was around 7 am and after that I brought them up to my room to lay down with me, but I couldn't go back to sleep so I jumped out of bed and took a shower! I feel great today! I made some sandwiches and went to the hospital to have lunch with Chris. Now, I'm back at home and am going to do some laundry, blogging, and maybe get to my layout that I've left on my scraptable for a few days now. I will check in a little later so post some pics if I take any! For yesterdays, pic I am keeping the reciepts from my little shopping excursion!

Tonight, Chris made bbq chicken for dinner and we hung out on the couch with our puppies watching HGTV! We have been getting into that lately! We watch it, like everyday! It gets you dreaming! You can make a regular home the house of your dreams with a little imagination (and money! Lol!) The pic was taken with my cel phone so the quality isn't that great, but I wanted to get the pic in the moment instead of dashing up the stairs and losing the moment. Chris was being uncooperative and gave me one of his joker smiles, but it makes me laugh and that is so him! I love our evenings. This is my pic for day 6!

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