Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell old friend...

This evening we bid farewell to our faithful ol' 96 Mazda. I put it up for sale on craigslist this afternoon and she drove off our driveway around 7pm. This was Chris' first car. He paid 9k for it in 2001 and 8 years later he sold it for $900. This old mazda has been back and forth from the states and germany. Its been driven from the coast of South Carolina to Ft.Sam Houston in Texas and back again. Chris drove it everyday to and from work and would drive it even when he could have taken my car instead. When its new owner drove off, Chris and I stood in our garage and looked at eachother with somewhat of sad faces. It feels kind of weird to be rid of it. We both thought we would have it til the bitter end, but with us having another car and motorcycle to drive to Utah we decided to sell. Its funny to me to have somewhat of a sentimental attachment to the car, but every time I got in it the smell, which always smelled like cool waters cologne, would remind me of the first time I rode in it with Chris. He was coming to pick me up for the first time to take me out on a date! I remember being giddy and nervous. I loved driving with him with the stereo going and the sunroof open! Ahh yes...those were the days! It was also the car that I learned to drive stick shift in when I was in Germany. Chris said it was okay if I dinged it up a bit while learning since it was already oxidized and he put his own dents and scrapes in it. My mom and I did many day trips in it when she came to visit me in germany. I busted out laughing when I caught myself thinking about the car because I was seeing it like a sappy old movie montage in my head!

Here she is in all her oxidized greatness! lol! She was the reason why we got another mazda! We never had any major problems with it! I guess I can stop refering to this beat up old car as "she" and "her"! Lol!

On another note, the lamp in the big tv downstairs popped so we have been hanging out upstairs in our bedroom watching tv. We did absolutely nothing this weekend except hangout. Next weekend we are heading up to Tennesse to visit our friends whom we met in Germany. They just had their first baby on Christmas eve and we want to meet the lil angel before we move across the country! I can't wait for that! Thats it for tonight!

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