Friday, January 09, 2009


Today, I had a doctor's appointment at Moncrief and boy was that place packed! I had to park way out in BFE!!!! Chris and I had lunch since my appointment was over just in time for lunch. We went and had a noisy lunch at the PX. Later, I took off and picked up Sandy for another dose of cheapy shopping! I know all this shopping could get us into trouble even though its cheap! But, you can't really say much when we shop at the dollar store! We even went to Good Will, where Sandy found some good steals. We also went to another Big Lots where we found some great deals on Heidi Grace scrappy stuff! I was way excited! I also found a sweet 9x9 faux leather Making Memories album for $7! You can't beat that people! After we went to Pages, my LSS to browse through their racks since they always have new stuff coming in. We came out with a few goodies. I snapped this pic on the way out!

I love my LSS. Nan, the owner is so nice and easy to talk to. I remember when I first moved here and I was looking for a job. I went and asked if they needed any help here. Of course they didn't need any. So I kept looking and I ended up working right next door at the Blockbuster! So on my breaks I would walk over and browse the aisles while daydreaming or sit and chat with the nice ladies who worked there! The world truly is small! Nan, has also lived in some of the states I have lived in. Her father was in the air force and was stationed at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ. I grew up in Tucson! So this is my pic for day nine.....Pages From The Heart! My fave lil place to snag up some scrap goodies that the giants like Mike's and Hobby Lobby don't carry. I will miss my lil hangout and I hope they will be able to stay afloat when so many LSS's are closing!

Tonight, has been quiet and relaxing. I'm so glad its the weekend. Next week brings us closer to our moving day and everyday makes me even more excited! Chris is downstairs with a stack of sudoku puzzles that a coworker gave him. I swear he's addicted to those. He finishes them in only a few minutes! Smart and Sexy....yep! That's my hubs! I'm up in my craft room writing this post and I'm about to hop off here and work on some layouts. I want to post them to the two peas website so I can try and earn that $20 bucks they are giving to people who upload 20 projects to their site! I could use some free money for scrapbooking stuff! Lol! Alrighty, thats all for tonight! G'Night!

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Diana said...

Hello Raquel,
I found your blog on Becky's link list and I gonna link it with my blog.
Greetings from Germany

Diana said...

Hi there,
my hometown is in the Black Forest, actually very small but I do love it there.
Looking forward hearing from you again.

April said...

Hi, I found your Blog from Becky Higgins' blog. Thought I would say hi. I live just outside of Columbia and also shop at Pages!!! Do you attend any of there crops? My friend keeps inviting me and I hope to make it soon.