Friday, January 09, 2009

How Sweet!

My scrappy friend Amy Elise has given me this sweet award!!! Makes me happy to know that people stop by to read my blog! I originally started this blog for my parents because we live so far apart and I wanted to give them a glipse of our everyday lives, but they no longer have internet and so this blog has slowly been turning into the place where I share my love of scrapbooking!
That being said, the rules of this award are pretty straightforward. I am to name 7 things that I love and pass the award along to 7 deserving bloggers. I'm going to pass it onto my three most favorites!
7 Things I love!
1. My hubby! He is the sexiest dork I ever met! Lol! Nobody loves me like he does! He spoils me non-stop and he looks so darn good in a uniform!
2. My two chihuahuas! They're crazy lil mutts who will make you smile and brighten anyone's day!
3. My family, they are so far away! But not for long!!! Yay!
4. I love the blogging world! It gives you the opportunity to share something that you love with people all around the world! You become friends with people who you may never meet!
5. I love shopping at cheapy stores for scrapbooking stuff with my friend Sandy! We scored big time today at Big Lots!!!
6. I love our honda goldwing! It has a cushy backseat for me! I can't wait to take more road trips!! (and scrap them! LOL!)
7. I looooooooooooove mexican food!
So, I'm only choosing three of my most favorite....and here they are:
  • Bree and Camille, from Crop Suey! I wish I had their scrappy stamina! They keep going and going.....and well you get the idea! They are the awesome owners of the fabby online store and kit club, Crop Suey. You can visit their blog here for some awesome inspo and ideas on how to use their cool kits! Oh! And they also have a cool challenge blog called, Scrapping Across the Universe! Check it out!
  • ivyPINK is another awesome scrapper whose blog I love to frequent! She has the cutest hedgie named Abbey and she's just soooooooo nice!!!

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Camille Young said...

Ok, you are absolutely awesome.

I think that we would really connect if we lived anywhere near each other.

I totally love all Mexican food too, but my DH does not like spice or "adventure" in the cooking department!

When's the big move?

ivypink said...

awe! Thanks raquel your so sweet ;)
I'll make sure to post something soon ;)
I hope all is well
I have snow up the wazooooo here in Chicago ;(

amyelisedesigns said...

What a fabulous list! I will go visit your blogger friends too!