Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finally saw...

....TWILIGHT! My friend Lisa took me out to see it. I had to giggle on some parts because it was so corny, but other than that I enjoyed the movie. The book of course is by far much more better, but thats the way it goes with books they turn into movies. I feel like reading the book all over again!

Before we decided to see a movie, Lisa and Isaiah picked me up at my house and we did a little shopping! I've been doing a lot of shopping lately, but I only spent $20. We went to World Market, Ulta, and Bath and Body Works where I spent the $20 bucks. I smell good! Lol! Lisa took me to Panera Bread. I'd never been there before and she said that I definitely had to try their coffee. It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet and delicious! Later, Chris met us at Red Robins after work and we had dinner. He came directly from work so he was still in uniform. A little boy walking with his mom stopped at our table and the little boy thanked Chris for serving our country. It was so sweet! Chris leaned over and shook his little hand. An older gentleman walking by also thanked him. I know it makes Chris feel akward when people thank him because to him its his job, but I'm still proud of him.

I will post a cool picture (I think its cool! lol!) I took at world market tomarrow. It will be later on in the evening. I am going to post early with Chris to help out my friend D, she is going to get her tonsils taken out and she will need someone to drive her home. Friday, Chris and I are going to Tennessee to visit our friends from Germany! They just had a baby boy! Well I got to get to bed, I have an early morning!!! G'Night!

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