Thursday, January 15, 2009


My super terrific hubby who spoils me rotten bought me an AWESOME new helmet for our motorcycle! I'm in looooooooooooooove!!!!!

Ain't it beautiful!!! Ahhhh....yes....yes it is! Lol! I can't wait to ride now!!! This is last years model. This years model was white and light pink with the same butterfly. It was pretty sweet, but I love this one! It has a little more attitude!!! Plus, this years model was $450 and the one I got was $299.
Okay, so today was a super long day! I woke up before six this morning to ride with Chris to Ft. Jackson again. My friend, Danielle had to get a tonsilectomy done this morning and she needed someone to drive her to her house afterwards. I waited with her til they wheeled her in to the OR. Poor thing was nervous, but we talked a lot to try to keep her mind off the surgery. She wasn't really scared to go through with the surgery, she was more afraid of the excruciating pain they told her she would be in after the meds they put down her throat would wear off. After I got her home and settled in Chris picked me up since he got off work a little early. We came home so Chris could ride his bike to the Honda Shop. He needed to get a new front wheel put on before our move. He'll be riding his bike all the way to Nevada. So we dropped it off there and went to Cycle Gear down the road where I got my freakn sweet helmet! Lol! We are finally settled in for the evening. After Honda, we went to walmart to pick up stuff for dinner and came home. We had gourmet hamburgers!!! Yum! Lol! I made a trip over to Sandy's a few minutes ago to pick up the scrapbooking stuff she bought for me at Big Lots. They were having a sale so Chris gave her money so she could pick me up some stuff! Isn't he just the sweeeeeeeeetest! yes....yes he is! Lol!

This kid is a complete HAM! He loves the camera! I take one picture of him and then I end up with a million! He's my godson, Isaiah. These were taken yesterday when I hung out with Lisa. This pic was taken at Panera Bread.

I love this pic! You can see Isaiah in the blurred background looking at toys. I love the way I framed the cool!

This week has been a good full week. For not having an extra vehicle anymore, I've been out quit a lot! I've also done quite a bit of shopping! Tomarrow, I am going to chill here at home and do some laundry and get things ready for our road trip to Kingsport, Tennessee. I can't wait to see my friend!!!! Well, I'm sleepy so I'll be getting off here! G'night!

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Diana said...

Nice pictures. I like the framed one.
Greetings Diana

Bree said...

gorgeous photos.. and girl.. that helmet is to die for.. makes me want to get my husband a bike.. just so i could look half as hot as you are going to in that freakin awesome helmet....

salassara said...

Hello from Germany!

Whow! This helmet looks really like a helmet especially for scrapbooker, isn't it so? I like ist!