Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Back

Tuesday, p20/365
Monday 19/365
We woke up to snow! It wasn't a lot, but it covered everything pretty nicely! It wasn't that bad drivng home in it! I wish the weekend hadn't gone by so fast, but it was fun nonetheless. I wonder when we will all get to see eachother again. Its funny that we met as kids in Germany and now the Fields have a family!

Sunday p18/365
I actually took photos of Dawson on Monday before we came back home. I loved spending time with Jenn and the baby. Jenn was able to get her mom to sit for a few hours while we all went out to lunch!

Saturday p17/365
I love road trips! The puppies were comfy in the backseat and we put on our ancient ipod to hear some NIN! Its been awhile since Chris and I have been on a road trip! We got to Kingsport a little after 12pm. David wasn't home yet so we hung out with Jenn and her 3wk old son, Dawson. He is so tiny and cries a lot! lol! They have a new home which is spacious and beautiful!

Friday, we went out to dinner with Lisa, James and Isaiah after Chris got off work. We had our fave little mexican restaurant called, San Jose's. Later we went back to their place and hung out and watched a movie. We came back home late and started packing for our little road trip to see our friends Jenn and David in Kingsport, TN.

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ivypink said...

awe!!! I love it P365 I need to keep up & write it out like you ;) I was planning to do it monthly but it might have to be weekly cuz I can't remember wat happened LOL

Diana said...

Hi there, just take a look on my blog. I've got an surprise for you.