Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Smokes!

It's been a looooong while since I've scrapbooked! Feels good! Lol! I've got some pics of my layout! I must say it was so much fun to scrap the pic of my beautiful friend Berta and her baby boy, Carlitos! I finally got to meet him a few weeks ago when we took my Nana back to Tucson, AZ. There has been so much going on since we moved to Utah! Its been pretty busy around here, with me trying to get the house in order STILL! I finished the painting in the living room and now it seems so much bigger and it echos in there without all the clutter!

Here's a little recap of whats been going on.....I spent the last two weeks in Vegas with my parents! Just for fun! I've missed them so much and its just such a great pleasure to be close to them once again! For about the last 5 years we've been living so far away and I have to get used to the fact that for the time being we can see them whenever we want! (kind of...its still a 5-6 hr drive, but its worth it!) I don't even want to think of where the military will take us next! I just want to enjoy the moment! We are really enjoying living out here in Dugway! Its a beautiful place! The post is small and doesn't have a lot of people and we love that! Lol! Not that we are anti-social or anything! We are surrounded by mountains and you have to drive thru a really pretty mountain pass to get here! It's crazy!

We are fixing up our house the way we want too, so that it feels like home! We've painted the living room, master bedroom and my scraproom! We were supposed to wait for approval to paint from the housing gods, but its just taking to darn long! Ya, we had to write up a request for approval to paint to the housing office here on post. We did that about 6 weeks ago and supposedly its supposed to be signed by various people in different offices, but its just taking too long. I still have pictures and floating shelves to put up then I will snap some pix and post them on here!
I found some really cool sketches I want to try out here and another one here! So I'm off to play!

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Kristina Heidler said...

WOW, fabulous Layout... I love the colors!

Diana said...

HEy, great to hera from you again. I really missed you.
The LO is wonderful by the way.
I can't wait to see some more pics.
Greetings from Germany