Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching Up!

Did I mention that my camera quit working on me?? Yep, it doesn't want to take any pictures and when I click the shutter button I get an error 99 code. I looked it up on the internet and its one of the worst you can have. Basically, it means that there is something wrong, but we just don't know what! I was devastated! I only had it for a year and the kicker is.....the company we bought it from is no longer in business and the company we bought the warranty from is being sued! Did I also mention somebody punched the spoiler on my car and broke it in half??? We've had a bout of bad luck when we first got here! This all happened within the first two weeks of moving to Dugway. When our furniture was dropped off we found that the packers in South Carolina scratched and nicked practically every piece of furniture we own. Not to mention that they lost a few of the pieces, like screws and knobs to our bed. I was bummed! I'm somewhat over it now. My camera is in Vegas with my parents, my dad is gonna see if he can take it somewhere to get fixed. My spoiler is taped together to keep the flappy spoiler from scratching the trunk. It looks like an akward, skinny racing stripe! lol! Our freakin' insurance company sent out a claims adjustor to look at it and asses the damage and put together a quote to see how much it would be to fix. Our deductible is $500. We got a letter from the claims guy and he said it would be $498.78 to fix. So the insurance won't pay for the spoiler to be fixed! I think its a bunch of bull shit! day in vegas my mom and I went to Michaels. We were in the parking lot and this lady walks up to us and asks if we shop there often. My mom said that I did and the lady asks if I want to buy a $200 gift card off her for $75 bucks. I was skeptical so I had her go with me to the register and buy something so I could see the reciept with the amount on it! Sure enough there was $203 on it! Woohoo! So I gave her $80 bucks for it since she needed the money to get home! I came home a happy girl with lots of goodies from michaels! It has gotten my creative juices flowing! I made this layout yesterday. Its my little brother and his girlfriend, Heli! They live in Arizona and I got to see them when we stopped in Tucson on the way to Utah. Then I took their pics when I went back to Tucson to drop off my nana.

Well, I got to get some sleep! Chris and I hung out at the community center all night last night! Then we spent the day in Tooele doing some shopping! We spent a lot more than intended, but my scraproom looks even more awesome! I'll post some pics later when I get it back in order again!

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Diana said...

Oh wow, this LO looks great. I like the colours.
By the way, my camera isn't working on my, too. I got my uncle's and I am afraid I broke that as well (just hope I didn't).

Anonymous said...

hey you have an award! :) Come on by!

you are wonderful !