Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome.... my HAPPY PLACE! I was so excited when we found out that we were getting a three bedroom house! Usually, military families with no kids get a two bedroom, but out here at Dugway single soldiers get 2bedrooms and families get 3!!! I still have a guest bedroom for whoever comes over! I chose this room because it has a bigger window, but it has a privacy screen that doesn't let in as much light as I would like. Seriously, that screen makes you dizzy when you try to look out the window, its a shame because I have an awesome view! There are no other houses behind our house!! So I have lots of lighting in my room! I hate dark rooms! First thing I do after I wake up is walk thru the house and open up all the blinds! Lol!

Anywho.....come on in and take a look around!
(Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, my good camera is non-functional and I have to use a digicam that is older than dirt! Lol!)

I looooove bright colors! I love the color on my walls! It makes me happy! Chris calls this the pool room because it reminds him of a swimming pool! Lol!
p.s.....the color on the walls is by valspar and is called "aqua ocean"

On that floor shelf in the left hand corner, I have little doodads and knick knacks as well as picture frames. On the last shelf in the picture, in the colorful folders I keep my acrylic stamps.
Although, I like all the room on this "L" shaped desk, I want a desk thats bar heighth and handmade (by my hubby! Lol!) Underneath my desk, those plastic storage drawers hold a lot of my tools, adhesives, inks, and stamping supplies. The 12x12 plastic drawer holds a lot of my papers! Underneath the shelf that holds my Cricut, I have a wire basket with smaller punches in it, and then a box top that holds bigger punches. Right next to that is my making memories paper trimmer! I love it!

This is where I work. I bought the making memories tool spinner at michaels. They are kinda expensive so use a coupon if you can!! I hold all my liquid glues in one holder, as well as pens, and tools like the quickpic by quickutz, my bone folder and other stuff. Of course I have a pink laptop! I got it for christmas last year! I love it!! I use that purple mat for cutting, its self healing. Mine is for fabric and I got it at walmart...I think?

(Sorry the picture isn't all that great!)
I love my new shelves! Chris put them up for me a few days ago!!! They are from home depot! They weren't expensive at all! Depending on the length and width you want, they start at about $10 each and the triangle holder thingy's are only a few bucks! I think it only cost about $45 dollars to do this....maybe even a little less. The track lighting was a little pricey, they are $40 each! I really like them though! All you do is put two screws where you want them to hang and attach them. Then you just plug them into the wall like a lamp, there's no wiring involved and they also dim! I always wanted shelving like this to display a lot of my goodies! On the first shelf, I used it mainly for my flower embellishments, which are in glass jars. The top shelf has my colored glass collection and some other odds and ends that I love!

Aren't my curtains lovely and bright??!!! They are actually shower curtains from Target! I love the pattern, it just makes me happy! I bought two of them to cover this window! I actually chose the paint color from the blue color in the flowers! The three tiered basket is also from target and it holds glitter glue by Studio G, my ColorBox Chalk inks, and paints!

This half of the room has our home computer and the old desk I used for scrapping. The black wire shelf is also from target and its where I keep our printer and scanner. The second shelf holds my scrappy mags and albums. The third shelf holds craft books and the bottom one holds boxes full of memorabilia....those are from ikea.

So there it is! The brightest room in the house!!! I am really loving this new house! Its big for just two people, but I'm not complaining! We are definitely making this place our own and my scraproom definitely says....RAQUEL! Lol!

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Mandi said...

I sooo would love my own space for all my stuff. Sigh.

Bree said...

such a pretty room, i would love to create in there...

Ivypink said...

Your scraproom is absolutely adorable!!!!

Maria Jose said...

Hello raquel, I am so sorry I didn't comment before in this post, because you wanted to show me your space... Its wonderful, you have nice tools.. I don't have a lot of things but I can make my cards... :)

I was expecting to meet you in Columbia, but we still can be friends.

:) have a nice week