Tuesday, June 09, 2009

EXTREMELY LONG POST...about nothing really.

I love the light scent of a clean house. Its a mix of freshly febreezed furniture and carpets with a hint of fabric softner. I love that for at least the first few hours after sweeping and mopping you can walk barefoot on the tile floor and your feet stay clean and the carpets look brighter and have that "just vacuumed" pattern. I love clean, crisp sheets fresh out of the dryer and the way you bundle them in your arms and stuff your face into the warmth and it makes you sleepy for a minute. I love how your living space feels brighter and airier because all the reflective surfaces are now shiny and disinfected!
Mmmmm.....love it,
but damn it
I got up sleepier than I've felt in a long while! I had stayed up too late to watch the first episode of Army Wives on Lifetime (which I will not be doing EVER again while my soldier hubby is in the same room.)
It was after midnight when I turned off the lights and I guess thats when its prime tweetin' time for this crazy f#$%n' bird outside! He sang
Needless to say.....
I dreamt of a pellet gun.
I had grand plans to wake up with Chris at 5am and get my cleaning plan into action and run some errands, but I forced myself outta bed at 8am. I felt like my day was shot, but I switched gears and wrote down a list of everything I wanted to get done and I stuck to it! But first I ran on the treadmill for 30 mins. I felt great afterwards. I love how exercising first thing in the morning makes you feel energized and really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I had a nice shower afterwards and then got to work.
I usually spot clean throughout the week to maintain and then just go all out on any given day to really get the house shiny! Kitchen and floors look great, the carpets are lint and pet hair free (for the time being), and our laundry is clean, folded and put away.
So the last things on my list were to run to the commissary and have something faxed to our Bank. I step out the door and head to my car (which hasn't been driven, in a few days)
I hit unlock button on the clicker and the doors don't unlock. Hmmm...I know last week or so I discovered that my doors weren't locking when I pressed the clicker. I had to lock them manually. So I hesitantly used the key to unlock the door. I was afraid that the alarm would go off and I'd be stuck out there looking like a fool with the alarm blasting. But nothing happend. I stuck the key into the ignition and nothing happened! GREAT! I thought maybe the clicker gave out and since it has a chip inside to start the car that maybe that was the problem. But it still blinked when I pressed a button so that wasn't it. I popped the hood, which thankfully is not automatic like the door locks and the trunk! I checked the battery and there was the problem. Where the cables connect to the battery was covered in blue battery acid buildup. I get some water and baking soda to nuetralize the crap and let it sit for a few minutes. Then got a wire brush and started cleaning it off. By that time Chris was had pulled up and he started working on it. The battery is sitting in the garage being charged as I type this super long post. Most likely we will have to go get a new battery.
I love being worn out at the end of the day because I think I'm going to fall asleep faster and sleep better, but that is such wishful thinking on my part! I am the WORST SLEEPER EVER! I could be dog ass tired and once I lay in bed its like everything I didn't have time to think of because I was so busy all day long comes rushing in as I'm trying to settle down! Not to mention that I have a bad problem with songs getting stuck in my head and it plays over and over! I don't now how to shut it all off! Its really annoying and I seriously have to look into finding something to help me out. I don't mean with sleep aids or anything, but like hypnosis or something.
It probably didn't help that I was flipping through the new CK mag before bed. Even their ads were giving me layout ideas!
I've been keeping a journal type book by my bed the last few weeks because I was in this super over the top state where I was just over analyzing EVERY little thing! I found that writing stuff down helped clear my head and I feel a lot better now, but last night I was also feeling really inspired by a page I did and I got excited about the possibilities of expanding this idea and reopening my etsy shop! So I went crazy writing all these ideas down and then when I thought I should try to sleep I kept thinking about it more. I really don't know when my mind finally shut down, but I know it was past 2am.
I do need to find something to help calm my mind when its time for bed. I really would just like to sleep like I've never slept before. Chris can fall asleep within minutes of shutting his eyes. I'm envious!
Anyways, if you've stuck with me this long than your just about as crazy as I am! Lol! Just kidding. Thank you.
On a different note:
I'm playing around with some of those ideas I wrote down in my journal......
ideas that I'll share with you all later. Its going to be really cute and totally inspired by the smallest and sweetest friends in my life!! :)
Have a great day!!
(Oh, don't know if I ever shared this with you, but all of my closest friends and family know me by this nickname I've had since.....like...birth!) ;)

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Sandy and Randy said...

I agree with all points of that post!! LOL So am I right in saying that if the hubby watches Army Wives with you all they do is tear it apart because of this or that? Mine does so he's not allowed to watch it with me! THANK YOU DVR! As for your sleeplessness, have you ever tried Melatonin? It's a vitamin supplement, completely safe that helps you nod off. I have been using it for years because of the same thing that you mentioned, the brain doesn't want to turn off. Try it and see if it works for you, but start with half a pill, just to make sure you don't have a fuzzy morning! Hugs to ya!