Friday, June 12, 2009

I've been lost... my own little world this week! Playing endlessly in my craft room, taking pictures and playing with photoshop! The weather has been gray, rainy, and chilly for the last two weeks so its been great weather to stay in and work on stuff. I've really been writing nonstop these last couple of days! It started a few weeks ago when I was going thru this very annoying state of mind (I guess you could call it), I was overanalyzing every little thing that popped into my head. I started writing things down and found that its really helped and my mind feels a lot clearer and last night I slept really well, but I went to bed really late! Lol!
Here's what I've been up to lately!

I have a bunch of cel phone pics that I love! Its really convenient to grab my phone which is always nearby and just snap away. The pictures on this page were taken with my phone at our old house in South Carolina. I had a great time with this layout because its been the first thing I've scrapped in about a month. I distressed, inked, and made my own embellishments! I cut almost everything out with scissors and I really like this page. I love the colors and how I just let elements flow off my page. I am tired of selling myself short by worrying too much about how pretty its going to look or if its going to look as good as some of these awesome scrappers out there. So I just let myself go with my flow. One of the things I have a hard time with is journaling. I am very critical of myself and never want to sound too mushy, but I'm really trying to just write what I feel if the I'm doing a layout about something like that. I also really want to start telling the stories of our life. If I passed on tomarrow, people looking through my "unfinished" scrapbooks really wouldn't come away knowing anything more than what they already knew before they went thru it. Some of my pages don't even have journaling! Not only that, but I feel really weird writing about myself. I have this thing about being the center of attention. I never really felt like there was anything special about me to focus on. But thats just really stupid and silly of me....And now you are seeing the overanalytical side of me!
Moving on......

I went to the post thrift shop the other day and I found these cute mugs for $.50 ea! They are two years older than me and sooooo cute! They look like something that I would have had when I was younger! I have a lot of unicorn knicknacks around here. These made me think about my childhood so of course I couldn't pass them up! Not for a buck anyway! Lol!
I don't have a picture of it, but I also bought an old electric type writer for $15 bucks. I had to clean it up a bit and when you press the return button the slider bar thingy kind of gets stuck
and you have to fiddle with it to get it typing again, but I love it and the ribbon is still fairly good. I just need to find some place to buy more!

I love this little layout of my reyna girl! Another cel phone pic taken awhile back! I wanted something simple and cute....and is it not cute?! Lol! I love this page so much that I am dreaming up other ways to incorporate it into other craftiness!

Here's another page I finished yesterday that I absolutely love! May 15, 2009 was our 5th wedding anniversary and all I had was a cel phone pic that we took on the bus Chris was driving. Stupid me brought my camera, but I put the wrong lens on it...I put a telephoto lens on it. yep....helllooooo. Anyway, the pic is still really cute and doesn't look too bad printed at that size. Again, I just let myself go with the flow.

The top of the page is a photo of Chris and I, back in 2003 after a few months of dating and a picture of us after we were announced "man and wife" in 2004! Lol! I love us, we are sooooo cute! Lol!

And here's us five years later...AWWWW! Sweeeeet! LMFAO! Seriously, I'm smiling like a fool right now because these pictures make me soooo happy! Lol!

These dogs have been driving me nuts!!! Usually its only Guero who comes up here and begs for a spot on my lap til I tell him no (he is shedding soooo bad!) and so he'll lay down under my desk, but lately Reyna has been a LOT more active so they are both up here play fighting and making a big o' ruckus! If there's something for them to lay on (cuz heaven forbid they should sleep on the plain ol' carpet!) like a pillow or blanket they tend to settle down and take a nice little nappy poo while I work. If not they get all rambunctious! Lol! I don't have a problem with them playing and I know its been too cold outside for them to stay out there so they feel cooped up, but their breath smells way bad and when they get playing and breathing hard I can smell it and its pretty smelly!!!! The other thing that really grosses me out is the sound of them licking! Like, Guero will be behind me licking at his paws and it DRIVES me NUTS!!!! Or Reyna likes to lick Guero's face....(guess he's a messy eater! Lol!). I enjoy their company and I love that they like being up here with me, but I like the quiet! Lol!

Last night, a few minutes before the sun set I went out and snapped some pictures. I love where we live. Everything is green and the way the red fence, in all its beautifully textured glory, stands out against the blue of the sky and the green of the grass really makes me drool! This photo doesn't really capture what I just described, but believe me its beautiful.
The rest of the photos I took last night are in Raw form and need to be converted. Its kind of a pain in the butt. I'll have to figure out a system that will make the workflow smoother. Not only that, but the photos I took had great color in the camera and when I got them onto my computer they looked dull. I think I need my moniter calibrated or something. I am trying to get my pictures to look their best in camera that way I don't have to post process them too much.
That's all I have to share for now.
Have a great day!

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Sandy and Randy said...

You liked my pic? Crazy huh? Wow, don't know what to comment on first! LOL Your layouts, of course, are just awesome. I am glad you are thinking out of the box, you should never worry if you are doing it right. Creative minds can't work that way! How do you think all those awesome scrapbookers out there work? Besides, you are way too talented to think that way. I can't believe you guys are cold, we have been DYING of heat/humidity! I am sooo envious! Anyway, keep up the good work girlie! Miss ya!

Diana said...

Oh, this LO's are just great. I like the colors.
It seems that you live in a wonderful space.
Greetings from Germany

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

You are too hilarious about the dogs while ur scrapping. I deal w/the same thing! What is it about chis and their breath? I have to lock mine out of my space...they drive me nuts when they won't settle down. :D These layouts are too sweet and love how you just went with your emotion on these layouts and that they still make you mushy! "awww" I know about the 'getting it right' thing. I do that too and it makes me mad! Because it blocks the creativity! Love this post! And hey I awarded you today on my blog!!! Come get it! I'll send you some 100 deg. weather to warm your day!!! lol I can already hear the locusts outside... :$ Hugs ~Cheri

Mandi said...

Awww cute cute layouts! And doggies! :)

Ivypink said...

wow!!! You've been busy ;) everythings beautiful!!!