Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have a photo shoot in a few first one in a long while! I've done photos for some of my friends back in South Carolina that came out great and mostly were for fun and practice, but I've learned so much more since then! I'm excited to put what I've learned into use with some actual "clients" Lol! I'm always practicing, but I haven't had any people except myself and the hubby to practice on so I'm way excited!
I had a practice shoot with myself a few days ago and despite having a hard time with auto/manual focusing on myself I got some great shots! I'll post a few of those later on when I have time!
The couple I am shooting is a young military family and friends of ours....they are way too cute! She wants me to do an engagement shoot of sorts....she has lost over 80 lbs (my inspiration!) and wants new pictures since she feels and looks great!
Photos to come in a few days!!!
Yesterday, Chris and I, reluctantly went into Tooele to buy a new car battery at Napa. They didn't have any in stock so we'll have to make another dreaded trip into society. We also made a horrible trip to Wal-Mart. Ick! Wal-Mart always puts me in a nasty mood. In the first place, Chris had to drag me outta the house! Its not that I don't like being outdoors because I absolutely love being outside, but we had to leave my precious sanctuary for the crazy outside world! The only part of going into town that I like is driving though Johnsons Pass which is absolutely beautiful, I mean take your breath away...heart ache...beautiful! And the second best part is driving back!!!
So needless to say, Chris and I came out of Walmart (which was packed with screaming kids) in not so pleasant moods. I think I was getting anxiety or something because it almost felt like I wanted to cry (or scream) if we didn't get outta there soon. When we got to the truck, Chris asked if there was anything I needed and I said "no, just get me outta here!" Lol! We get outta town where the traffic dies down and I can see the road to home and my mood lifts. The scream building in my chest is gone and I start giggling to myself. Chris turns and looks at me and smiles because I guess he knew what I was thinking. I think we are getting to used to this quiet lifestyle.
When I lived in SC, Michaels and Hobby Lobby were right down the road and I was there almost every other day! Ya...poor wallet...poor hubby. But now, I don't miss it, I don't miss fast food, I don't really miss anything about living in the city. Even Tooele, which is (a pretty good sized) small town is too big. The traffic is horrendous offense to the natives, but the drivers are horrible!!!
Just goes to show that we can make it without a lot of amenities. The commissary may not carry everything I need, but we aren't going to starve. I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy and none of the unnecessary coupons to mikes and hobby lobby! Lol!
One thing I do need though, is my internet connection and cel...and my camera!!! So seriously, we are nowhere near "roughing it!"
Alright, gotta get going!

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Sandy and Randy said...

Yay! I am proud that we were one of your first sittings! You will do a great job, you have got a great eye and it's just the start of things to come! So tell me, you say you don't miss much from the city, this from the girl with the chicken nugget/tender cravings?? The queen of Wild Wings? Ha ha. Hard to believe but glad to hear it! Can't wait to hear how your shoot went. TTYL girlie