Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I should be in bed, but....

...I have a hard time sleeping.......yes, we've already discussed this...I know...but I've seemed to have gotten used to having my husband sleeping at my side every night. I've been lucky in the fact that for the past two years I've had my hubby by me every night....give or take a few months for schooling and field training here and there. So its been awhile, for which I'm so thankful! :) But I've forgotten how quiet it is at night when he's not home (not that we make "too" much noise at night...hahaha! We do have neighbors with small children! LMFAO! Okay, now I'm just crackin' myself up!)

Okay, so seriously....its really quiet and I totally forgot how jumpy I am at night with all the different noises and it took three times as long for me to warm up! Usually I just cuddle up next to Chris and then he's rolling me off him because I start to make him sweat! Lol! I had to roll up into a little ball to create my own warmth! Lol! Then when I moved...which is like every 5 minutes...I have to start the warming process all over again!

Oh, BTW.....Chris is just down the street pulling the night shift at EMS. No biggie whatsoever, but Chris got a pretty good laugh when he came home this morning and I was dog ass tired from getting up to check every little noise and when he saw a night light plugged into our bedroom wall he laughed even harder. Funny thing is, is he gets more sleep than I do when he has these twelve hour night shifts! Ya, he has a pretty sweet job out here. When he goes to pull medical duty at the ranges.....he plays xbox all day. I do more than him at home! So I decided that I'm never gonna feel guilty again about not having a job...well I'm gonna try not to anyway! Lol!

I think the reason why I kinda got freaked out is because a while back I was sitting in the living room at myself....and there was something scratching and thumping around in the wall. I think its a mouse or something. Then two nights ago I went into the laundry room and I heard what sounded like a mouse. I haven't found any mouse poop, but I'm pretty sure there is something in our walls and that just gives me the heebie jeebies....ewwww!

I am letting the dogs sleep in my room on the floor right by me tonight! :) Its raining outside. Speaking of rain, we had an awesome storm system come through today! We were going over johnson's pass when we got slammed with hail and rain. It was awesome! We finally replaced my car battery. We had to go all the way into Salt Lake City! The Napa in Tooele didn't get the battery we ordered in and Checker Auto parts or any other auto parts store isn't good enough in Chris' eyes! Lol! He's biased. His dad owns a Napa store in Nevada and so Chris has worked with them and says they have good warranties or guarantees or...blah blah blah. He says you buy cheap you get cheap...blah blah blah. I was just irritated because he dragged me into the city again....says I'm gonna have to learn to live with people again...blah blah blah.

I am pleasant and happy go lucky til we pass the last little town into Tooele, then its all downhill from there. I try to stay somewhat chipper, but Chris doesn't help either when he's yelling obscenities at everyone and there grandmother for driving 2 mph under the speed limit. He gets upset, then I get upset, then he gets upset because I'm upset. WTF!!

But let me just show you why I never want to leave my piece of heaven on earth! I snapped pics to help you all understand why I love this place!

These are cel phone pics.....and seriously do not do the beautiful scenery justice! I have plenty more photos, but I've been pretty obsorbed in other projects tht I haven't downloaded them. I will have to do that later! I'll save it for another post!!

Okay, I seriously gotta get to bed. Its two thirty. I got an FRG meeting at 9am....ugh. Whoever came up with that time is probably a mother of young children! Lol!

Good night!


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Sandy and Randy said...

Without saying anything else (and I KNOW you know what I mean! LOL) I COMPLETELY know what you are talking about!! Especially when Kiko decides to bark his head off like there is someone coming up the stairs for no apparent reason. Where would we be without our hubbies? Alone and very tired! LOL Get a nap in today girl!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

gorgeous pics here, girl. I would never want to leave either!

Anonymous said...

You have been awarded!!!

Maria Jose